I'd be lying if I said I weren't envious of the speed and quality with which Nail writes! Here's his latest, due out with Edinburgh University Press next year. 

From the website: 

The most original and shocking interpretation of Lucretius in the last 40 years

Thomas Nail argues convincingly and systematically that Lucretius was not an atomist, but a thinker of kinetic flux. In doing so, he completely overthrows the interpretive foundations of modern scientific materialism, whose philosophical origins lie in the atomic reading of Lucretius' immensely influential book De Rerum Natura.

This means that Lucretius was not the revolutionary harbinger of modern science as Greenblatt and others have argued; he was its greatest victim. Nail re-reads De Rerum Natura to offer us a new Lucretius--a Lucretius for today.

Read the Introduction and TOC here.



12/13/2017 9:20am

I am curious about Lecretius and this book looks the same. About the mythology that I have read. I will observe the flow of the story and will be making a reflection about it. It will be a great help if someone will also read it, then we will talk about it. The characters in this book will have names that are really new to my eyes and I will write their names and story in a paper. Lucretius will be a character that people will be waiting for. The story of it will be heard by everyone.


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