When President Trump last week 'declared', by presidential fiat, that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel, his intentions were pretty clear. Ratchet up the tension of an already volatile situation; provoke animosity and, by extension, violence; use that violence to support an agenda of xenophobia, Islamophobia, and racism. I would predict that before the day is out, we will be regaled with tweets about the Muslim ban, border security, and very likely, the necessity of Roy Moore, (the Alabama candidate who's as racist and depraved as the president himself). 


12/24/2017 7:04am

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12/24/2017 10:27am

这个博客是基于政治话题和王牌工作得很好。 但是有一个民族期待更多的东西。 我们应该花时间为他的国家做得很好。


The decision of the president trump is not good and it is full of the confused. The whole world gives their views on this decision. This decision really matters and should to think again about this decision. I personally did not think that this decision is good.


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