Jean Wahl is one of the most important figures in twentieth century French philosophy, yet he is also, unfortunately, one of the most overlooked in the Anglophone world. Here is William Hackett's translation of Wahl's landmark 1944 text, Existence humaine et transcendence. This work is based on a 1937 lecture, and deals with the concepts of being, transcendence, and Wahl's unique conceptions of 'transascendence' and 'transdescendence.' This work had a profound impact on later French thinkers of the twentieth century, and an English translation is long overdue. 

Here is a Notre Dame Philosophical Review of the work by Edward Baring. 



07/30/2017 9:49am

It is so sad how we ignore legends like these in their lifetime and once they are gone we truly understand their brilliance! Sad

08/14/2017 8:18am

I haven't read this book yet, but I find this interesting. Reading books has always been my passion. It opens my mind to greater knowledge and imagination. It opens your eyes to new worlds. Let us not miss the magic that only books can give. I will surely take the time to read this book.


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