CNN Piece: Fox, Breitbart Focus on Leaks in Flynn Story

Ah, I remember the good old days, when the DNC servers were hacked by Russia with the support and applause of then-candidate Donald Trump, and the 'real story' in that case was the content of the leaks, not the hacking itself. 

Funny how all it takes is winning the election to suddenly change Trump's tune.


02/20/2017 8:40am


02/21/2017 5:32am

I also remembered that day. Those are the good old days. When the DNC server got hacked, it became the talk of the town. I remember all of my friends are talking about it. Time flies fast. It just feels like yesterday.

02/22/2017 6:25am

Trump's administration right now is really interesting. I am really interested in how he will go to manage all the bad and negative comments he received almost every day. Yes, I know that he has his supporters, but we can't deny the fact that anti-trump people are way greater in number. I've heard a lot of comments about him though. This includes the news that he is a narcissist. Anyway, I will still hope that he will be doing something good and big for his country. His people still need him anyway.

02/20/2017 12:06pm

Old days are always a good thing to remember if you had good friends back there. I also miss my days with my besties. Now I'm married, they are married.. everything finished.

05/11/2017 9:33pm

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05/26/2017 2:46am

Every person's tune would be changed if he or she would become the president, that's the human nature.

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