In response to Chuck Todd's questions about Trump press secretary Sean Spicer uttering four demonstrable falsehoods in his 'press conference', Kellyanne Conway claimed that Spicer was merely offering 'alternative facts.' 

Nope, you just can't make this stuff up. 



01/25/2017 2:06am

Where everyone worried about the good future of the United States of America, I can see that media and press also worried about the future. The policy of the trump is aggressive and after the winning the president seat people are so much worried about the future.

06/14/2017 2:29am

We don't know hat will be the future of the United State of America yet. I hope that Trump will do the right thing here. I know that he loves his country and his country alone, but I hope that he will consider the other countries as well. I don't support trump, but I like either. I just hope that he will solve the problem of the America.

02/07/2017 4:01am

Situation in America now is hard. New President and his people are not good for this country! God bless America!

02/10/2017 3:48pm

A fact-finding report focuses upon a single, researchable question or controversy in order to understand competing answers espoused from opposing viewpoints. More specifically, fact-finding reports seek to fairly and objectively compare alternative answers to a common question. Not to endorse one perspective's "facts" over others and certainly not to argue in support of any answer/position, in particular. And this worries all the people and the whole America. I hope this kind of leadership, the people will still unite to be as one to help each other.

05/26/2017 2:48am

Thank you for sharing these facts with strong reasons.


Hope these alternative facts work.


Nice post.

09/15/2017 9:37am

Very good lesson. It gives inspiration to keep learning.


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