In this New York Post piece, John Podhoretz writes, "It might seem bizarre to say that an administration only 23 days old needed a fresh start, but look: if Adele can stop 45 seconds into a live performance at the Grammys and begin again, so too can Donald Trump." 

This has to be a new low in political commentary. What the hell are we becoming? How on earth did this become the new normal? This is what it looks like to defend the indefensible. 

CNN Piece: Fox, Breitbart Focus on Leaks in Flynn Story

Ah, I remember the good old days, when the DNC servers were hacked by Russia with the support and applause of then-candidate Donald Trump, and the 'real story' in that case was the content of the leaks, not the hacking itself. 

Funny how all it takes is winning the election to suddenly change Trump's tune.